Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating conjunctions are used to join sentence that are structurally the same or similar. Here are example of coordinating conjunctions:

  • and
  • but
  • or
  • so

AND : to join two similar ideas. e.g. I like the giraffe and my brother like the hippo.

BUT: to join two different ideas. e.g. The food is good, but I don’t like it.

OR: to join two alternative ideas. e.g. We can go to the zoo or to the park.

SO: to show the second idea is the result of the first. e.g. The park was closed, so we went somewhere else.

Remember these rules when you use coordinating conjunctions:

  1. Each clause us be a complete idea. This can be a complete sentence.
  2. Put the conjunctions in the middle of the sentences. Some people put but or and in the beginning of then sentences. This is incorrect.
  3. Use a comma before the conjunction, unless the sentences are short.
  4. When and is used with the last word of a list, a comma is optional. See the example below. Both of the following are correct: We saw monkey, bear, and horses. or We saw monkeys, bears and horses.

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