Can/Could : Biasa digunakan untuk mengungkapkan permission, polite requests, ability/capacity melakukan sesuatu. Contoh:

  • Can/Could I borrow your book?
  • Can/Could you help lift the desk?
  • My brother can speak Japanese?
  • Donna couldĀ  join the national team.

Will: Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan polite request, intention, prediction. Contoh:

  • Will you help me bring the book?
  • I‘ll type the letter as soon as I can.
  • The game will be finished.

Would: digunakan untuk mengungkapkan more polite requests, probability, characteristic activites. Contoh:

  • Would you pass me the pen?
  • That would be his mother.
  • Every morning he would go for a walk.

May: Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan formal permission, prohibition, possibility, wish. Contoh:

  • May I leave the room, Sir?
  • You may not make any sounds during the test.
  • You may receive my letter today.
  • May you have a happy life!

Have to/Must: Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan necessity, obligations. Contoh:

  • We must/have to build up a strong army to defend the country.
  • You must/have to study hard to pass the final exam.

Might: Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan possibility. Contoh:

  • I think Donita might join the camping activity.


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