Shooting a Film

Shooting a Film

There is excitement in the film studio. They are shooting a scene from the film ‘The Path of Power’. The Director of the film is there with a team a technicians. His task is a difficult one. He has to be creative, but at the same time he has to satisfy popular taste.

He has to consider many different elements such as the story and the scenario, the dialogue and the action, the camera-work and lighting, and he has to get them all combined into an intelligible motion picture.

His assistance – the cameraman, the make-up artist and several others – are all helping him in is task. The director has told his chief cameramen in what part of the stage set the action is going to take place. The chief cameraman has the camera set up, adjusted and focused by his assistance. An assistant brings in new film and the chief cameraman has the camera loaded with it.

The actors are on the set. The set is a large apartment, expensively furnished. The Director tells the actors, for the last time, what the action is going to be and how he wants to have it performed. He is quite satisfied with the rehearsals he has had already. The actors take up their positions. The cameraman gets the camera focused on the scene. The man is charge of the lighting has the set lit up with the necessary lights. The chief technician has two microphones hidden out of sight of the camera.

These are to catch the words of the actors. In the recording room the Director of sound gets the recording apparatus adjusted to record the dialogue between the actors. The chief cameraman has the electric current turned on. The current is needed to drive the motors of the cameras. Ever thing is ready for the shooting of the scene.

Now the assistant director gets the studio door shut. A buzzer signals that the scene is going to be shot. The director’s voice calls out, ‘Silence! Get ready!’ A green light comes on. A board, giving the details of the scene and shot number, is held before camera. The camera is switched on. The board is then removed, leaving the camera focused on the actors. This is the moment when the action begins. The whirr of the camera indicates that the shooting of the scene is taking place. The leading actor speaks his line. “Cut!” shout the Director. The camera stops immediately. All look round in surprise. The director angrily tells the make-up artist to fix the actor’s beard.

Instinctively the actor’s hand goes up to his chin. The beard is not there! He hurriedly gets if fixed by the make-up artist. The shooting of Scene 10 – Shot 12 begins again. The action and dialogue continue without interruption. “Cut!” shouts the Director. ‘What’s wrong this time?’ asks an angry actor who has been on the set for two whole hours. ‘There’s nothing wrong. It’s perfect,’ smile back the Director. Everyone sighs with relief.

Are these statements right or wrong?

  1. A film Director has to consider many difficult things when he is making a film.
  2. Directors do not usually take any notice of popular taste.
  3. All the scenes are carefully rehearsed before they are shot.
  4. Take make-up artist is responsible for focusing the cameras.
  5. Special lights are needed when filming is taking place.
  6. Hidden microphones help to light up the set.

Answer these questions.

  1. Who are the cameras set up by?
  2. Who tells them to do this?
  3. How has the set lit up?
  4. Who gets the recording apparatus adjusted?
  5. Who has the current switched on?
  6. Who are the actors made up by?

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