The ‘Ghost’ in the Cave

The ‘Ghost’ in the Cave

We stood for some time in the cave. I thought that was ought not to stay too long because of the cold, slimy darkness everywhere, so we made our way back again. As we got into the boat we heard a strange flapping sound ahead of us in the darkness. “what is it, Romany?” Tim whispered anxiously. ‘Is is a ghost?’. “I don’t know, Tim. Let’s go and see.”

We sat still and listened. At first all we could hear was the sound of water dripping from the rock sides and roof. Then come the same queer ghostly flopping sound. As we pushed on into the darkness, we stopped every now and again so that we could listen. We had nearly got to the end of the cave before we reached the spot.

“Perhaps it’s a big fish jumping,” Tim said.

Unfortunately, at that moment his torch gave out, and we were left with only mine. Tim’s suggestion made me feel a bit uneasy, for I had read of large octopuses being found in caves like this one, and I knew damage their long tentacles could do.

The next moment there was a might splash.

“It’s Raq, Romany,” Tim said excitedly. My heart come into my mount when I thought of Raq chasing some unknown thing in the icy waters. Anxiously I called him but he just swam on and took no notice.

“Keep the torch on him and I’ll push as had as I can,” I said.

We went at such as speed that we kept hitting the rocks and almost overturning the boat. Suddenly I heard Raq make the peculiar coughing noise he always makes when he catches anything on the top of the water. “What has he got, Romanny?” Tim shouted and his voice echoed into every corner of the cave. “He’s got something in his mouth.”

“Come here, good dog,” I called. As Raq came nearer into the circle of the torch light, I saw that he had a sea-bird in his mouth. Fortunately he had caught it by the shoulder and neck, so that its dangerous bill had not speared him. It made me feel sick when I thought how he might have lost his eyesight if he had received a thrust from the bird’s sharp bill.

Tim caught hold of Raq, and seemed so pleased that he was safe and that the ghost had only been a bird, that he held Raq tightly in his arms before he could shake himself. Dry. I wrapped the bird in my coat for safety, and we turned the boat and pushed out towards the light.

Which of the following statements is true according to the story?

  1. When Romany and Tim reached Raq they could only hear him, and not see him.
  2. Both Romany and Tim loved Taq badly.
  3. The sea-bird hurt Raq very badly.
  4. The cave was not really a safe place for Romany, Tim or Raq to be in.
  5. Romany and Tim saw an octopus in the cave.
  6. Raq was wet when Tim held him tightly in his arms.

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