Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text

A description is a text describing a particular person, place, or thing. Description describes someone or something in detail. Description is often used in other text types.  A description consists of:

  • Identification. This part introduce the person/thing decribed.
  • Description. This part gives the detail of the person/thing decsribed. It may describe parts, qualities, and/or characteristics.
  • Conclusion (optional)

An example of a decsription:

The Terrifying Headmaster 

Mr. Tucker is the headmaster of my school. He does not wera glasses. His eyes always frighten me even when I refuse to face them. They are sharp, hard, and cold, and he uses them like a whip.

He always washes his hands in an enamel basin in the corner of the room. After he has washes them, he will walk over to his desk and stand behind it looking at the pupils while he dries his hands on a small, white towel. He dries each finger separately, beginning with the first finger. His finger are long and white. He rubs them briskly without losing the effect of deliberation and as he rubs them, he looks at us with his eyes.

No one moves while he dries his hands, no one speaks. When he finishes, he will fold the towel and put it in the desk drawer. Then, he will awkwardly smile at us. He really terrifies me.

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