Recount Text

Recount Text

A recount retells past events or experience in the order they happened. A recount consists of three main part:

  • Orientation. This part introduce the scene.
  • Events. This part retells what happened.
  • Re-orientation (optional). This part tells the writer’s comment about the event that happened.

An example of a recount:

I had one unforgetabble experience. It happened when I was in high school. One day, I was called for a metting. All teachers and my friends were scowling at me. The teachers even punished me and asked me to stand on a chair with my eyes closed in the middle of the school yard. I had no idea why they were being so cruel to me. I was so sad that I couldn’t help crying.

Then suddenly, I heard my teacher and friends sang “Happy Birthday”. After that, they showered me with water until I was soaking wet. Next, they took me to my class. My classmates congrutulated me and gave me presents.

I was very surprised. I’ll never forget that moment.


Past tense is mostly used in a recount.

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