Report Text

Report Text

A report gives information by stating facts. A report usually consists of two main parts:

  • General Clasification. This part gives brief information about the facus of the report. It may give definition of the subject.
  • Description. This part gives about the focus of the report. It may describe the features of the subject (e.g: what it looks like, where it lives, how it breeds).

An example of report:


Marsupium means pouch, and a marsupial is an animal whose babies complete their development in a pouch on its mother’s body. Kangaroos, koala bears and wallbies are the most common marsupials though marsupial bats and moles also exist.

When the baby marsupial is born, it is small and helpless. It finds its way, by instinct, to its mother’s pouch. There it gets milk from it mother and grows steadiy until it is large enough to leave the pouh and fend for itself.

Marsupials developed before placental animals, which complete all their development inside the moter’s womb. Placental animals were better able to compete for food than marsupials. Marsupials died died out in most parts of the world. Once Australia has become separated from the other continents, placental animals could not easy prey on marsupials anymore. This is why marsupials have flourished in Australia. Nevertheless, some are also found in America.


  • Present Tense is mostly used in report. However, the report may also use past tense to state past facts.
  • A report uses general terms. For example, use ‘fish’ rather than ‘my fish’

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