Download Free EBook Developing Materials for Language Teaching Brian Tomlinson 2013 Pdf

Download Free EBook Developing Materials for Language Teaching Brian Tomlinson 2013 Pdf

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Developing Materials for Language Teaching 2nd Edition

Editied By Brian Tomlinson

Bloomsbury 2013 Pdf

Introduction: Are Materials Developing?

Part A: Evaluation and Adaptation of Materials

  • 1. Material Evaluation
  • 2. Adapting Courses: A Personal View
  • 3. Publishing a Coursebook: The Role of Feedback

Part B: Principle and Procedures of Materials Development

  • 4. Developing Principled Frameworks for Materials Development
  • 5. The Instructional Design of a Coursebook Is As It Is Because of What It Has To Do
  • 6. Humanizing the Coursebook
  • 7. The Visual Elements in EFL Coursebook
  • 8. Creative Approaches to Writing Materials
  • 9. Developing Digital Language Learning Materials
  • 10. Demystifying Blended Learning

Part C: Developing Material for Target Groups

  • 11. Authors’ Knowledge, Rationales and Principles – Steady Flow-Through or Stuck in the Publishing Pipeline.
  • 12. Developing Motivating Materials for Refugee Children: From Theory to Practice
  • 13. Materials for Adults: ‘I am No Good at Languages!’ – Inspiring and Motivating L2 Adult Learners of Beginner’s Spanish
  • 14. Materials for Adult Beginners from an L2 User Perspective
  • 15. Mining the L2 Environment: ESOL Learners and Strategies Outside the Classroom

Part D: Developing Specific Types of Materials

  • 16. Materials for the Teaching of Grammar
  • 17. Materials for Teaching Vocabulary
  • 18. Materials for Developing Reading Skills
  • 19. Materials for Developing Writing Skills
  • 20. Developing Materials for Speaking Skills
  • 21. Coursebook Listening Activites
  • 22. Materials for Cultural Awareness
  • 23. Corpora Materials: Towards a Working

Part E: Materials Development and Teacher Training

  • 24. Materials Developing Courses
  • 25. Simulations in Materials Developing
  • 26. Working with Student-Teachers to Design Materials for Language Support within the Second Curriculum

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