Functional Skills for Beginner

Certainty and Uncertainty (Menyatakan Kepastian dan Ketidakpastian)-Functional Skills for Beginner

Ungkapan Kepastian (Certainty): Sure … Certainly … Must be … No doubt … Ungkapan Ketidakpastian (Uncertainty): Doubt … Not certain … Can’t decide … Uncertain … Contoh: X: Are you sure she’ll pass the exam? Y: There’s no doubt. X: What about him? Y: Mmm, I’m not certain about him.

Asking for and Giving Permission (Meminta dan Memberi Izin) – Functional Skills for Beginner

Beberapa ungkapan meminta dan memberi izin: Asking permission: May I … Can I … Excuse me. May I … Giving permission and not: You may … Of course, you can … Sure. You may … No, you may not … I’m afraid you can’t … Contoh: Nita: Excuse me Mam.…

Sympathizing (Menyatakan Simpati) – Functional Skills for Beginner

Beberapa ungkapan menyatakan simpati: I’m sorry to know that! I’m sorry to hear that! I express my condolence How terrible! poor you! That ‘s awful! That’s a pity! That’s terrible! What a pity! You have my deepest sympathy. I am glad to hear that. Congratulation. Contoh: Bertha: Hi, Ali. What…