Over the last 3 evenings, Keisha received a total of 81 phone calls at the call center. The first evening, she received 6 fewer calls tha


Over the last 3  evenings, Keisha received a total of 81  phone calls at the call center. The first evening, she received 6  fewer calls than the second evening. The third evening, she received 3  times as many calls as the first evening. How many phone calls did she receive each evening

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    First: 15

    Second: 21

    Third: 45

    Step-by-step explanation:

    In order to create the equation we need to represent the evenings with an alebraic term, in thsi case we are going to represent the second evening with an X

    Second evening:x

    The first night she got 6 fewer calls than the second: Second-6=x-6

    The third night she received 3 times the first: 3(first night)=3(x-6)

    The equation is First Night plus second night plus third night equals 81.

    First+second+third=81\\x+(x-7)+3(x-6)=81\\x+x-7+3x-18=81\\5x=81+21+6\\5x=105\\x=\frac{105}{5} \\x=21

    So the first evening he received 15 calls, the second he received 21 and the third one he received 45.

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27:3+15-4x7+3-1=? ( )